The Center for Exercise Medicine and Rehabilitation: Athletic Training Clinic is prepared to meet the rehabilitation, treatment, and injury prevention needs of the students, faculty, and staff of Valdosta State University and to those in the community. In addition to meeting these needs at a cost effective price, the Athletic Training Clinic is able to offer the following services: Biodex Multi-Joint testing for physiological deficits, Biodex Balance testing, Concussion Baseline and Post Injury Testing, and Alter-G: Anti-Gravity Treadmill running. 





Rehabilitation and Treatment


Referral from physician or VSU Student Health Services required/Scheduled by Appointment

Improve range of motion, flexibility, and strength to promote healing and recovery from injury or surgery

Alter-G: Antigravity Treadmill*

Session Option:

1 session for $10


5 sessions for $40

Monthly Membership Option:

2 x a week for $60


3 x a week for $80

By Appointment (Each session is for 30 minutes)




Run in a pain free environment from 100-20% of your body weight

Biodex Multi-Joint System Pro Isokinetic Test


By Appointment

Test for muscular imbalances, Aid in rehabilitation, and help prevent injuries.

Biodex Balance SD Test for Concussion Assessment



  • By Physician Referral for Post-injury testing

Pre-injury balance testing identifies strengths and weaknesses in balance and coordination to give an objective reference point in the event of a head injury later.

Baseline tests are good for one year.