The Center for Exercise Medicine and Rehabilitation: Athletic Training Clinic is a fully functioning rehabilitation. Located conveniently on the first floor of the Health Sciences and Business Administration (HSBA) building on VSU’s North Campus, this facility works to provide the full spectrum of care for its patients.


To develop or restore a patient’s functional capabilities to an optimum level, and to assist in maintaining that level.

To aid the patient and family in positively relating to the patient in regards to any functional limitations.

To help patients prevent injuries through flexibility, strengthening, and functional movement programs.

 To develop, replace, or reestablish past or future leisure interests by restoring and exceeding past functional movement.     

To encourage both patients and their families to reduce health risks through education and behavior modification.

To identify physical deficits that may lead to issues in the future, and to correct these deficits.

To provide cost effective rehabilitation and treatment to the students, faculty, and staff of Valdosta State University and to those in the community.