The Center for Exercise Medicine and Rehabilitation: Fitness and Wellness Clinic serves VSU faculty and staff as well as members of the community.

Initial Assessment $150.00

Biometric screening/body composition/cardiovascular fitness assessments as well as fitness and wellness success plan and personalized exercise prescription, plus 1st monthly membership.

Members who adhere (3 days/week average) to the exercise prescription will receive retesting after 6 months.

Monthly Membership $50.00

DISCOUNT: 6-month memberships paid in advance, with initial assessment = $375

Other Services Provided – MUST call to schedule

BodPod $35.00 – The gold standard in determining body composition (fat and fat-free mass) in adults and children. Ideal for elderly, people with disabilities, and persons weighing up to 250kg/550lbs

DEXA Scan (requires doctor’s prescription) $100.00 – Used for measuring bone mineral density and bone loss.

MedGEM $35.00 – Useful in determining resting metabolic rate.

APPOINTMENTS are required for ALL services. No walk-ins.

Schedule one of three ways:

  1. Schedule via the app, ACUITY SCHEDULING CLIENT
  2. Schedule online at
  3. Call us at 229-253-2887