The Clinical Education component of the VSU AT program allows for student to apply athletic training skills, knowledge, and clinical abilities on an actual patient base while being evaluated and provided with feedback from a Preceptor. Clinical Education allows the students to begin applying skills to patients in real world settings while receiving direct supervision and guidance from certified athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals.  Good clinical education experiences are crucial for the development of quality future athletic trainers.  

The philosophy of Clinical Education at Valdosta State is tied to the relationships between students, preceptors, clinical affiliates, faculty and Clinical Education Coordinators and the following goals:

that Students will be active, engaged learners who seek out opportunities to apply skills to patients and be recepetive to feedback and support from preceptors, clinical affiliates, faculty and the Clinical Education Coordinators; 

that Preceptors and Clinical Affilaites strive to engage students in patient care and patient care decision making as well as application of all AT skills in a ethical and professional manner; 

that faculty communicate with preceptors and clinical affiliates the material that students are learning in class; 

that the Clinical Education Coordinators will communicate regularly with students, preceptors, clinical affiliates, and faculty regarding clinical education and help all parties involved work together to create excellent clinical education learning experiences.