The Reading Endorsement is an online program specifically for PreK-12 classroom teachers wishing to add expertise to their current State of Georgia Teacher Certification. The endorsement is designed to help meet the literacy needs of the students, regardless of content area. The program meets the competencies required by the Professional Standards Commission’s Georgia Reading Endorsement. Emphases include understanding readers and the reading process, linking assessment and instruction, and exploring specific instructional strategies that can be applied in individual classroom contexts.
If a student is about to graduate with a graduate degree, but still needs additional classes for the Reading Endorsement after they graduate, they need to submit an application for non-degree admission.

Reading Endorsement

Course Number, Name, and Description Hours

READ 7100: Trends and Issues in the Teaching of Reading

A review of current issues and trends in literacy education. Emphasis in on the principal viewpoints on these issues, including opposing points of view.


READ 7130: Comprehension and Study Strategy Instruction

A review of research related to comprehension and study strategies. Research findings will be applied to classroom instruction.


READ 7010: Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties

Study of the nature and causes of reading difficulties, procedures for diagnosis, and methods and materials for corrective techniques in the classroom.


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Frequently Asked Questions

 1.       How long does it take to complete the online Reading Endorsement?

This 3 course, 9 semester hour program can be completed in no more than a year, depending upon the number of courses a student is able to successfully complete each semester. For students who are unable to enroll full-time, courses are offered on a continuous basis allowing for part-time enrollment.  

 2.       What are the admission requirements?

Applicants must have clear/renewable teaching certificates (T-4) with an overall bachelor’s degree GPA of 2.75 or higher. For the Reading Endorsement, students can enroll as non-degree seeking.

 3.       Is the program designed as a cohort that determines a specific order for coursework?

No, students may enter and/or complete the endorsement courses during any semester.

 4.       What is the estimated cost for tuition? 

 Estimated cost for the Reading Endorsement is $3080.

Dismissal Policy: Earning grades below “B” in graduate courses will result in the following consequences: Students admitted Fall 2011 and thereafter will be dismissed from the Graduate School if they accumulate three or more academic deficiency points unless otherwise indicated by individual program policy. A grade of “C” (although it may be credited toward a degree) equals one deficiency point. A grade of “D,” “WF” or “F,” or “U” (none of which will be credited toward a degree) equals two deficiency points. Candidates admitted PRIOR to Fall 2011 and receiving two grades below “C” (“D”, “F”, “WF”,“U”) will be dismissed from the program. One grade below a "C" results in a warning.

Contact: Dr. Deborah Paine, Department Head  229.333.5611 (office); or

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