Coaching Pedagogy

The Ed.S. in Coaching Pedagogy in Physical Education is a rigorous academic program of 30 semester hours of fully online course work. Graduates of the program who meet all criteria may be eligible for upgrade to T-6 certification in the state of Georgia or reciprocal states.

This specialist program offers candidates the opportunity to continue to develop their knowledge and skills through advanced and more specialized content designed specifically to address excellence in coaching and educate practicing teachers through the medium of coaching studies. Course objectives and requirements coincide with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Standards for Sport Coaches.

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Summer 1
KSPE 8410 - Coaching Pedagogy: Evaluating Research 3 hrs
KSPE 8500 - Coaching Pedagogy Research Methods 3 hrs
KSPE 8420 - Foundations of Sports Coaching and Theory  3 hrs
KSPE 8110 - History, Sociology and Psychology of Sport 3 hrs
KSPE 8300 - Apllied Sports Sciences 3 hrs
KSPE 8100 - Studying Sports Coaching 3 hrs
KSPE 8200 - Sport Coaching Pedagogy 3 hrs
Summer 2
KSPE 8700 - Communication Skills for Coaches 3 hrs
KSPE 8900 - Professional Seminar in Coaching Pedagogy 3 hrs
KSPE 8600 - Professional Coaching Development 3 hrs
Total Hours: 30


For descriptions of each course, please refer to this program's page in the VSU Catalog, or the catalog's list of graduate-level KSPE courses


Contact Dr. Han Chen (Ed.S. Graduate Coordinator) if you have any questions