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Ed.S. Degree with a Major in Coaching Pedagogy in Physical Education

  • Total Credit Hours: 30
  • Degree Format: Online

About this field

The Ed.S. in Coaching Pedagogy in Physical Education is a rigorous academic program of 27 semester hours of fully online course work. Graduates of the program who meet all criteria may be eligible for upgrade to T-6 certification in the state of Georgia or reciprocal states.

The Valdosta State Difference

This specialist program offers candidates the opportunity to continue to develop their knowledge and skills through advanced and more specialized content designed specifically to address excellence in coaching and educate practicing teachers through the medium of coaching studies. Course objectives and requirements coincide with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Standards for Sport Coaches.

What You'll Learn

Program candidates will develop a coaching philosophy that centers on ethical conduct and behavior while focusing on the safety and well-being of the athlete.

They will develop the ability to recognize inherent risks of unsafe equipment, facilities, and conditions during high risk activities.

Finally, candidates develop a capstone project on a topic that is unique to the needs of the sports program being coached by the candidate and determine the relevance of the study through a statistical analysis of the results.

Admission Deadlines

Summer Semester: April 15

This program does not admit spring or fall semester.

More Information

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