One role of the Office of Professional Education Services (PES) staff is to serve as the liaison between Valdosta State University educator preparation programs and P-12 schools for arranging placements for candidates to complete field experiences and clinical practice. PES, in cooperation with the academic programs, college support offices, and stakeholders, and in accordance with relevant college, state, and national regulations:

  • Keep current with and adhere to all relevant state and national standards and policies governing field experiences and clinical practice.
  • Make assignments of candidates to field experience and clinical practice placements, in accordance with state/accreditation standards, subsequent to a review and approval by the associated academic programs.
  • Ensure that the Master Placement Database stays current and that the availability of all process-related files is consistent with the approved COEHS process timelines.
  • Work cooperatively with the academic departments to schedule and implement P-12 mentor orientation and professional development.
  • Work cooperatively with the academic departments to schedule and implement supervisor and candidate orientation.
  • Ensure clinical experiences resources are accurate, current, and accessible.
  • Check all field experience and clinical practice applications to verify that candidates meet qualifications for field experiences and clinical practice as specified by the academic programs and the EPP.
  • Notify relevant supervisors and academic department heads of any concerns or issues related to field experience or clinical practice placements.
  • Upon request by a department, provide support regarding issues arising during field or clinical practice placements.
  • Maximize the use of current technology to ensure efficiency of PES operations.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact our office at any time at or (229) 333-5925.