Welcome to your field and clinical experiences.

The Office of Professional Education Services (PES) staff in the College of Education and Human Services serve as the liaison between teacher candidates, faculty, and P-12 schools in coordinating field experiences, observation, practicum, clinical practice (formerly referred to as student teaching) or internship.

All Valdosta State University education majors participate in field and clinical experiences as part of their program requirements.  The Office of Professional Education Services coordinates/finalizes all placements and ensures assigned supervision for all experiences.  Candidate negotiation of confirmed placements is strictly prohibited.  We have established a partnership agreement with several P-12 school systems providing opportunities for our teacher candidates to have meaningful and diverse experiences.  Candidates must not attempt to coordinate/finalize their placements or supervision. These experiences are an integral part of the career preparation process.  

Liability Insurance
College of Education students are required to have current Liability Insurance prior to engaging in a field experience. 

  • Keep current with and adhere to all relevant state and national standards and policies governing field experiences and clinical practice.
  • Make assignments of candidates to field experience and clinical practice placements, in accordance with state/accreditation standards, subsequent to a review and approval by the associated academic programs.
  • Ensure that the Master Placement Database stays current and that the availability of all process-related files is consistent with the approved COEHS process timelines.
  • Work cooperatively with the academic departments to schedule and implement P-12 mentor orientation and professional development.
  • Work cooperatively with the academic departments to schedule and implement supervisor and candidate orientation.
  • Ensure clinical experiences resources are accurate, current, and accessible.
  • Check all field experience and clinical practice applications to verify that candidates meet qualifications for field experiences and clinical practice as specified by the academic programs and the EPP.
  • Notify relevant supervisors and academic department heads of any concerns or issues related to field experience or clinical practice placements.
  • Upon request by a department, provide support regarding issues arising during field or clinical practice placements.
  • Maximize the use of current technology to ensure efficiency of PES operations.

Questions? Contact us at coehsfldexpapp@valdosta.edu or (229) 333-7834.

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Clinical, Field Experience, and Practicum Information

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What is Field Experience (FE): 

A requirement of all programs leading to certification in teaching, leadership, or service fields, and endorsement programs, field experiences that include organized and sequenced engagement of candidates in settings providing them with supervised opportunities to observe, practice, and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions delineated in all applicable institutional, state, and national standards.  The requirements of the field experience vary by the candidate’s program and semester.   

I completed a Field Experience Request form last semester. Do I have to complete another one? 

A new form is required for each semester, regardless of the circumstances. 

Do the field experience or observation hours completed prior to being enrolled in the VSU program or confirmation from the Office of Professional Education Services count toward my VSU program requirements? 

All placements must be confirmed by the staff in the Office of Professional Education Services. 

Can I be placed in a private school? 

Please be sure to contact Office of Professional Education via email (pes@valdosta.edu) with the name of the school, the city and state of the school’s location, your course this placement is for, and  your last 4 digits of your VSU Id Number. 

Why is it taking so long to receive my confirmation email? 

The Office of Professional Education Services works diligently to confirm the placements of all teacher candidates.  Each program and school district has their own requirements and process, and the time to confirm the placement varies.  However, we will work to ensure each candidate will have their placement and enough time to complete it. 

Can I complete my clinical practice/internship in my own classroom? 

You may be eligible to complete your field experience with your employment school if the current classroom that you are working in meets your requirements for the course.  You will need to include your employment information on your Placement Request form and seek permission from your administrator.  We make every attempt possible to secure your placement with your employment school (contingent on the enrollment program and your school/school district’s administrator approval). 

Can I request a change of placement? 

All field experiences are made with the interest of the candidate’s success in the program.   

Is transportation required for placements? 

The Office of Professional Education Services’ (PES) staff makes every attempt possible to secure the candidates a placement near their home to reduce travel time.  However, placement assignments of field experiences are made within a 70-mile commuting distance of the VSU campus for candidates enrolled in an in-person program.  Candidates are responsible for managing their commute and to be mindful of the time required to commute to and from the placement school.