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Council Description:

The Educational Leadership Advisory Council has been in existence for more than ten years at Valdosta State University. It was founded as a means for the educational leadership faculty to share ideas and proposed program changes with practicing school leaders in our service area to assure that the ideas and more specifically the program changes, were compatible with current educational leadership practice in our service area. The purpose was later expanded to assist the educational leadership personnel in planning for new and improved course offerings and the reconstitution of the internship program.

Council Membership:

The membership of the Advisory Council is constantly changing because of the personnel changes in the superintendency, the principalship, and RESA Directors. Often members designate other staff to represent them at these meetings. Additional members are added for specific meetings as the need for expertise changes as programmatic changes require other people in the discussions. 


The meeting schedule calls for an annual meeting held in October of each year. Additional meetings are schedule according to need.