The Partnership Team

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Council Description:

The Higher Education Leadership Advisory Council (The Partnership Team) was created in 2013 at Valdosta State University. It was founded as a means for the higher education leadership faculty to share ideas and proposed program experiences with higher education professionals and student affairs practitioners on campus in order to assure that the ideas and program changes were compatible with current higher education leadership practice in our service area. Since many students in the higher education leadership program have graduate assistantships throughout the VSU campus, the collaboration efforts of the partnership team has helped shape and develop the students’ educational and professional work experience.

Council Membership:

The membership of the advisory council is composed of higher education professionals and student affairs practitioners who have experience higher education administration. Additionally, several members of the council are alumni of the higher education leadership program. At times, additional members are added for specific meetings as the need for expertise may change as programmatic changes require other persons in these discussions.


The partnership team meets twice each semester (fall and spring).