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The Department of Adult and Career Education on this 9th day of March, 1988, authorizes the establishment of a continuing committee to be known as the Advisory Committee for the Department of Adult and Career Education. This committee is to be organized and conducted under procedures to be proposed by the Department of Adult and Career Education, particularly in keeping with the mission of the department.

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to give advice and assistance to the appropriate instructional and administrative staff of the department concerning the development, operation, and/or evaluation of a particular instructional program. The committee shall also render services to all involved. Appointment of new committee members will be for an established period of three years and be made by the faculty of the department.

The Advisory Committee for the Department of Adult and Career Education is expected to contribute to the establishment and/or improvement of the instructional program by:

  1. Studying and surveying periodically the educational needs of the students within the committee's designated vocational areas;

  2. Offering advice in the review, analysis, development, and proposal of polices;

  3. Working cooperatively with the administrative, instructional, and non-instructional staff of vocational programs to develop and operate training programs with procedures that implement polices and recommendations;

  4. Facilitating communication between the professional staff of the department and the teachers and employers of the community;

  5. Studying the effects of existing and new educational programs in operation with reference to employability of the graduate to proceed to higher-level instruction;

  6. Serving as a sounding board of opinion on item proposed by the departmental faculty and staff; and

  7. Initiating study and proposals in issues pertinent to vocational program development.

The Advisory Committee is not regarded as a substitute for any administrative body at Valdosta State University. Instead, it is intended to supplement and stimulate change and/or improvement in the Department of Adult and Career Education.

In authorizing the development of the Advisory Committee, the Department of Adult and Career Education pledges complete cooperation in the committee work. This shall include the appointment of a departmental representative with the responsibility to work with the Advisory Committee and keep all communications open between the department and the committee.