Educational Talent Search

Mission Statement

The mission of Educational Talent Search is to encourage and empower students to stay in school, graduate, undertake and complete a program of higher education.

Educational Talent Search Program Goal

The primary goal of Talent Search is to offer a continuum of activities, information and services to enable low-income/first generation college bound students (6th - 12th grade) with academic ability to realize their potential for education and growth beyond high school. Service delivery includes individual and group counseling sessions, cultural enrichment, self-awareness assessments, decision making, academic skills, career and college exploration, postsecondary school tours, curricular choices, financial aid assistance, and re-entry services for dropouts. The program serves 500 youth (6th - 12th graders, graduates and dropouts) annually. Two thirds of the 500 are low-income and potential first generation college students.


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Duty to Report: VSU ETS program is mandated by the state of Georgia to report all non-accidental injuries, abuse, child abuse, neglect, and sexual offenses to law enforcement.