L&IFE: Latinx & Indigenous Future Educators

Latinx & Indigenous Future Educators (L&IFE) is a student-led organization for future educators who identify as Latinx and/or Indigenous and seek an affinity space, guidance and assistance, and mentorship from L&I faculty and staff. 

Did you know:

  • 9% of US teachers identify as Latinx and 1% as Indigenous
  • 17.1% of Georgia students identify as Latinx and 0.2% as Indigenous
  • 2.6% of Georgia teachers identify as Latinx and 0.2% as Indigenous 
                                               (US and GA Department of Education, 2021)

Join L&IFE

Membership is free and open to VSU future educators who identify as Latinx and/or Indigenous.  Other interested parties can complete the interest survey below and receive general information to participate in support of our mission.

L&IFE Club Mission

The L&IFE Club mission is a community built to support and retain Latinx and Indigenous (L&I) future educators, celebrate L&I identity, and advocate for racial equity in Georgia schools to help liberate our peoples' from inherited systems of US oppression. 

Our Purpose

The L&IFE club is to build professional acumen, facilitate career development opportunities, and foster a sense of community among future Latinx educator students at the undergraduate levels at Valdosta State University. 

  • Membership Benefits

    • Affinity space for Latinx teachers and educators
    • Receive guidance and assistance from Latinx education professionals
    • Access to teacher/education professional development and training
    • Support to organize for resistance, advocacy, and activism
    • Diversity   Equity  Harmony  Scholarship

  • Why Latinx?

    Keeping with the tradition of mestizos and mestizajeas (Martínez-Echizábal, 1998), L&IFE uses the term "Latinx" to acknowledge that our varying of dynamic cultures are not one solid, static caste designation, and is also a refusal to conform to global or US racial and social binaries (Bowels, 2018 https://davidbowles.medium.com/mexican-x-part-x-what-the-hex-a-latinx-706b64dafe22)

  • Program Majors and Degrees

    L&IFE club members will benefit from the mentorship of Latinx professors of their similar background to obtain degrees not limited to and within the following programs:

    • Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science in Education Dual Degree

      • English and Secondary Education

      • History and Secondary Education

    • Bachelor of Science in Education

      • ASL/English Interpreting

      • Elementary Education

      • Health and Physical Education

      • Middle Grades Education

      • Special Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Interest/Membership Survey


    regarding the student's perspective on how L&IFE can grow as a Latinx club.

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  • By-laws


    L&IFE By-laws