Undergraduate Research


Student Name(s) 


Riley Mims and Victoria Maxwell 

The Effect of Various Pacing Methods on the Reading Comprehension of College-Aged Individuals  

Susana Ramirez, Meri Kaitlyn Smith, and Jomaine Saldana 

Understanding the Correlation between Thickened Liquids and Swallowing Function 

Abigail Kinast, Gracie Maynor, and Brooklyn Woodruff 

The Effects of Altered Basals and Ceilings on Receptive Vocabulary Assessment 



Student Name(s) 


Lane M. Thompson and Haleigh E. Carr 

The Immediate and Delayed Effects of Acute Physical Activity on the Cognitive Performance of Collegiate Students 

Brianna T. McNeil and Lynsey B. Sellers 

The Effect of Text Medium on the Reading Profiles of College-Aged Individuals 

Abigail Dawn VanHouten 

Dialect Density, Intelligibility, and Comprehensibility of Professors Who Speak English as a Second Language 

Shelby L. Beckett and Margaret A. Harvey 

S.A.F.E. Taste & Smell Training for Students in Speech Language Pathology 

Hayley M. Theobald and Emily R. Bailey 

Establishing Normative Swallowing Data 



Student Name(s) 


Gabriel Lumpkin, Tyler Morgan, and Miana Owensby 

Using Biofeedback to Examine the Difference in Articulation between Normal and Abnormal Oral Structures 

Kendra Hall 

An Understanding of a Career in Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Makayla Clark and Kristen Manfredi 

The Relationship between Oral Reading and Diadochokinetic Rates 



Student Name(s) 


Patrick Elliot 

The Effect of Egocentrism on Vocabulary Development 

Jeremy W. Bowman 

The Relationship between Pitch Perception and Pitch Production in Both Music and Speech 

Desiree R. Goldstein 

What Did I Just Read? The Effects of Variable Reading Rate on Silent Reading Comprehension 

Aaron McMillan, April Salas, and Emily K. White 

To Make the Eyes Open: The Spirit(s) of Black Mountain College 



Student Name(s) 


Anne N. Baldwin and Reagan E. Plymale 

Classification of Taste Using 6-n-Propylthiouracil Strips 

Laura Bennett, Kammi Blackwelder, Katie Childers, Jordan Dowd, S. Jaye Hilliard, Brandy Morgan, Erica Morris, and Kirsten Williams 

Interprofessional Collaboration of Students in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) and Nursing Providing Communication and Vital Sign Screenings 

Patrick Elliot 

The Effect of Egocentrism on Vocabulary Development 

Victoria Sandefur 

The Effect of Taste and Temperature on Lingual Swallowing Pressure 

Julie Tapp 

The Textbook Conundrum: CSD Students' Textbook Preferences 



Student Name(s) 


Kaleigh Humphreys and Natalie Starling 

Common Vocal Fold Appearance 

Courtney Mayton 

Does Stuttering Lead to Deficits in Memory? 

Nicholas Ellis 

Transference of Memory Strategies to Academic Learning and Memory Sports 

Hayley Jackson and Sabrina Ogletree 

Visual Working Memory 



Student Name(s) 


Melanie Morris 

A Comparison between Silent Reading, Accelerated Oral Reading, and Altered Auditory Feedback Reading 

Shelby Sharp and Molly Zechman 

Graduate Student Clinicians’ Data Collection Reliability 

Amanda Barlow, Mara Charles, and April Ward 

Readability and Its Effects on Standardized Assessments 



Student Name(s) 


Chelsea Bartholomew 

Computerized Detection of Language Delay in a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Christina Matta, Hannah Anderson, Ashley Camon, and Jade Dampier 

Does Expressive Language Ability Correlate with Rate of Communication in Young Children? 

Hannah Elizabeth Leicher 

Long-Term Memory Retention of Common Words Spoken in Hebrew by CSD Students 

Heather Ward 

Students' Knowledge of Braille Literacy in the Field of Communication Disorders 

Shaddai Nicole Wiggs 

The Exploratory Behaviors of Normally Developing Children 



Student Name(s) 


Daniel Ledee 

The Effect of Room Tone on Spatial Intelligence 

Elizabeth Melton and Chelsea Bartholomew 

Examining Parent-Child Interaction within Everyday Routines 



Student Name(s) 


Sarah M. Lively 

Using LENATM with a Child with Cochlear Implants: A Case Study