Students wishing to major in music must pass an audition for the Department of Music. Students interested in studying jazz at VSU have the option of a Jazz emphasis within the Bachelor of Music in Performance and Bachelor of Arts in Music degrees.

General audition requirements for a Jazz major include:

  • Major scales and arpeggios
  • Classical etude or solo
  • Jazz etude or transcription (for example Snidero, Fishman, Mintzer books)
  • Standard jazz tunes with Aebersold or iRealPro accompaniment (play the melody and improvise, rhythm section instruments also play chords/bass lines)
  • Sight-reading

Drum set students will demonstrate time in various jazz styles: Swing, Bossa Nova, Rock, Funk, Samba

Please visit the Department of Music Audition page here to schedule an audition date and for more information about specific requirements for your instrument.

David Springfield
Director of Jazz Studies