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Designed for students interested in making a difference VSU’s multidisciplinary MAIC program addresses the importance of understanding the social and cultural implications of a perpetually changing world.  Valdosta State’s Master in Communication Arts program provides a clear path forward for individuals wishing to develop mastery over the strategic and leadership competencies that higher education and contemporary business require. 


Focusing on the skills needed to identify engage, and influence audiences in the digital age, the program enables students to immerse themselves in a balanced mix of current research topics and theoretical fundamentals including communication and culture, communication theory, audience analysis, engagement strategy, media content and effects, data analytics, visual and integrated communication. 


Valdosta State’s Master of Arts in Communication program integrates critical analysis, creativity and communication to prepare graduates for roles in business, entertainment, and higher education including content strategist, public relations specialist, community relations manager, international communications specialist, media entrepreneur, researcher, and college professor.