Sponsoring a Scholarship

Many very talented young people cannot attend college without some financial assistance. At present, tuition, books and housing at Valdosta State University are approximately $11,000 per year. Music students must generally pay an additional $250-$500 per year for music, music lab fees, supplies and instrument repair. In addition to carrying a full course load, they must practice 2 to 5 hours each day, attend recitals and concerts, and perform in at least one ensemble. As you can see, it is virtually impossible for music majors to fulfill their educational requirements while holding a part-time job. Although the HOPE scholarships are a tremendous benefit to many students, others do not qualify or just cannot afford the additional expenses being a music major incurs. This is where you can help!

One hundred percent of the funds donated to the Music Scholarship Alliance are used for scholarships. While we are grateful for donations of any size, a donation of $1000 or more provides a sizable supplement to a student, allows the scholarship to be named for the donor, and entitles the donor to an invitation to the University Foundation's Black Tie Dinner in the Spring, as well as a personal thank-you letter from the scholarship recipient. A donation of $3,500 equates to a full-tuition award for one student for one year. A donation of at least $25,000 is needed if you wish to make an endowed scholarship.

If you or your organization would like to sponsor a scholarship, please contact:

Dr. Douglas Farwell, Department Head

Department of Music