The Valdosta Trolley called the Valdosta Street Railway opened in 1900 and ran until the end of 1925. The last part of the streetcar line still in existence is the Trolley stop at the entrance of Valdosta State University.  The students from South Georgia State Normal College (1913-1921) and Georgia State Woman's College (1921-1950) would use the trolley to get into town.  Pictures below are from the Lowndes County Historical Society:

Girls from Georgia State Woman's College board the trolley into town

(Image from Valdosta State University's Creative Services Department)

Trolley stop at VSU

Much of this text is from the article: “A Cool Ride to the Fair: A History of the Street Railway in Valdosta” by Albert S. Pendleton, Jr. recorded in the Lowndes County Historical Society Newsletter, August 23, 1974 (Vol. 3 No.10)  Information and pictures for this entry are from the Lowndes County Historical Society Web Site: October 31, 2016