Robert Coon

Robert Coon was born and raised in a small textile community outside of Bessemer City, North Carolina. As Robert’s great-grandfather was a traveling furnace builder, Robert has practiced with melting metal all his life. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and painting and went on for a master’s degree in sculpture at the University of Massachusetts. His three-dimensional sculptures are primarily made from 4-foot by 12-foot sheers of aluminum and tack-welded into configuration. As Robert is currently retired, he continues to make large pieces of his artwork. 

(Image from Valdosta State University's Creative Services Department)

The sculpture “My Big Red” was made out of painted aluminum and stands at 15 ft tall. The name was inspired by a sculpture by James Rosati, a previous piece of his own making, and a collegiate friend. This is the largest sculpture Coon has ever created. Although it is meant to be visually provoking while standing from afar, the best view is arguably the view from standing beneath the sculpture and looking up so that the red and the shapes fill your peripheral vision.