Charles Hook

Charles E. Hook was born on October 9, 1949 in Paducah, Kentucky and was a well-known art professor and international sculptor. He received his Master of Fine Arts at Washington University and later came to Florida State University in 1980. At Florida State University, Charles created a cast-iron program and shared his knowledge of places such as Bosnia, Peru, and Wales. He has created large outdoor sculptures for more than 30 years which including one at VSU.

(Image from Valdosta State University's Creative Services Department)

Many people think that Hook’s sculpture at VSU depicts a dragon, but it actually depicts Fenris. According to Norse mythology, Fenris is the son of Loki and the giantess Angrboda and is a monster shaped like a wolf. Odin bound Fenris with a magic chain after having received prophecies of disaster following the wolf-monster’s birth. Mythology states that he will remain bound until Ragnarok, when an earthquake will set him free, the nine worlds will burn, the earth will sink into the sea, and friend and foe will perish. Located in front of Odum Library, the Fenris sculpture is a sight to see, made of painted steel and standing at 9 ft. tall.