In January 2001, the Biology department moved into the new Biology/Chemistry building. This building houses the biology office, biology faculty offices, teaching laboratories, classrooms, faculty research laboratories, and special use facilities.

 Bailey Front CampusBailey Main Auditorium

Teaching laboratories are all equipped with fume hoods, gas, water, and vacuum hookups, chemical cabinets, computer access, storage cabinets, and adjacent prep rooms. All teaching labs are equipped with modern instrumentation. Teaching labs include separate labs for Non-Majors Introductory Biology, Majors Introductory Biology, Introductory Botany, Advanced Botany, Physiology and Anatomy I and II, Zoology, Ichthyology and Herpetology, Mammology and Ornithology, Entomology and Invertebrate Zoology, Ecology, Vertebrate Physiology, Microbiology, and Cellular Biology. Several laboratories include multimedia presentation equipment. A departmental computer lab with 24 computers is located on the third floor.

  Bailey RoofBailey Garden

Classrooms include four 48 seat classrooms, one 96 seat classroom, and a 160 seat auditorium. A large 275 seat auditorium for visiting lectures and special events is located on the first floor. All classrooms and auditoria have wireless and Ethernet access and state-of-the-art multimedia projection. The Biology/Chemistry building has wireless access throughout the entire building for Internet laptop use.

Faculty research labs include fume hoods, cabinets, chemical storage, and gas, water, and vacuum hookups. Faculty either have a single research lab or share a larger lab with another faculty member with similar interests. Special use facilities include a microscopy suite including darkroom, animal care room, 3 rooftop greenhouses, aquatic lab, herbarium, 3 environmental chambers, biological safety level 3 (BL3) lab, common equipment and instrument room,  and two meeting rooms.

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