Harry McDaniel

Harry McDaniel was born in 1959 in Wichita, Kansas and is the artist of several diverse sculptures and pieces within the United States. Harry’s passion for art began in 1983 while taking a painting class and metal sculpture class. His artwork includes abstract, figurative, outdoor, and wall sculptures; small and large mobiles; computer models; “American Artifacts;” and 2-D Works.

(Image from Valdosta State University's Creative Services Department)

One of his aluminum outdoor sculptures, "Cormorant", is included in the VSU Art Collection. McDaniel did not start with a conceptual intention with this sculpture but instead wanted to elicit a feeling of motion and interaction between each three pieces, allowing the viewer to have a visual experience. The artist stated, “As you walk around the sculpture, you will find that there is really no front or back; the three pieces can be seen as a new composition from each viewing angle”. The name of the piece, "Cormorant", was chosen after finishing the piece because of its resemblance to birdlike qualities. The Anhinga bird is a water bird inhabiting the southeast U.S and was chosen as the inspiration for the title.