Biology Student Data Change Form


Please select your Academic Advisor's name below as the recipient so that your advisor is aware of the changes you are requesting on this form. Your advisor's name will appear on your MY VSU homepage under "My Success Team".

If you are NEW TO BIOLOGY and do not have an advisor yet, please select the Biology Department Alias as your advisor in the dropdown menu.  This will alert the department to assign you an advisor based on your selection(s) below.

This form will be automatically submitted to the Biology Department for review/approval.  Then it will be forwarded to the Registrar's office for processing.  Please be sure to fill this form out completely and accurately. 

After completing this form to change your major, please complete the Change of Major (4 Question) Questionnaire which can be found here:

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Department of Biology

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  • Purpose of Form

    You may select one or more of the following:
  • Declaration of Major
    Declaration of Minor
    Declaration of Degree (B.S. or B.A.)
    Declaration of Concentration
  • Declaration of Major

    (Choose one)

  • I choose Biology as my major.
    Not Applicable
    I want to change my major from Biology.
  • Declaration of Minor

    (Choose one)

  • I choose Biology as my minor.
    Not Applicable
    I want to change my minor from Biology.
  • Declaration of Degree Track

    If you are currently listed as a B.S. track and you choose the B.A. track below, you will be switched from the B.S. track to the B.A. track or vice versa.

    (Choose one)
  • I want a B.S. degree track in Biology.
    I want a B.A. degree track in Biology.
    Not Applicable
  • Declaration of Concentration

    (Choose one)

  • Agricultural Sciences
    Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant
    Animal Behavioral
    Animal Physiology/Zoology
    Biology Teacher
    Biomedical/Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Ecology of Infectious Diseases
    General Biology
    Marine Biology
    Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
    Pre-Occupational Therapy
    Pre-Physical Therapy
    Pre-Physician Assistant
    Plant Sciences
    Pre-Respiratory Therapy
    Wildlife Biology
    Not Applicable
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