Contact Information


Phone: 229-249-2644

Office: Bailey Science Center, Room 1208

Lab: Bailey Science Center, Room 2044

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  • Professional Certificate (Data Science and Analytics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021).
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate (Arizona State University, Biodesign Institute; 2006-2011).
  • Ph.D., Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology (Washington University in St. Louis, 1999-2006)
  • B.A., Integrative Biology (University of California at Berkeley; 1993-1997)

Research interests: the nerd stuff.

My research interests lie in spatial ecology and spatial genetics. I study the geographical, ecological, and microevolutionary processes that shape the spatial distribution of organisms and their genetic variation in natural populations. I conduct my own empirical research and I collaborate with other empirical researchers, usually as a specialist in spatial pattern analysis. I am also interested in the assessment and development of statistical analyses and software tools for conducting spatial pattern analysis.

Teaching interests

My teaching interests reflect my research interests. I currently teach a required upper-division course on the topic of Ecology and Evolution (Biology 3250), as well as upper-division/graduate elective courses in Biostatistics with R (BIOL 3000/5000; annual in the fall) and Spatial Analysis with R (Biology 3050/5050; biennial in the spring, even years). I also teach a required graduate course in Experimental Design with R (BIOL 7050) and a career development focused version of our Senior Seminar course (BIOL 4900).