Tulbaghia violacea

(Photo by Heather Castleberry)

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Taxonomy (2)

Classification: Angiosperm, monocot
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Common name: Society Garlic, Pink Agapanthus

General Information (2)

Region of Origin: South Africa
USDA Plants Hardiness Zones: 7-10
Growth Habit: Herb

  • Size: 2 feet
  • Flowering: Early summer to late autumn

Diagnostic Characteristics

Leaves (1,2)

  • Arrangement: Rosette
  • Shape: Linear
  • Other: Smell like garlic if damaged

(Photo by Heather Castleberry)

Peduncle (2)

  • Shape: Oblong
  • Size: 2 feet

(Photo by Heather Castleberry)

Flower (1)

  • Color: Pink to purple
  • Inflorescence type: Umbels

(Photo by Heather Castleberry)

Fruit (1,2)

  • Fruit type: Capsule

Horticultural Information (1,2)

  • Light: Full sun
  • Soil type: Sandy
  • pH: Acidic
  • Landscape Uses: Containers, borders

Interesting Facts (2)

  • Able to deter moles
  • Tastes like garlic, but does not give you bad breath


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Prepared by Heather Castleberry as a course requirement for BIOL 3630/5630, Spring 2013
Edited by Jessica Bartek