Muhlenbergia capillaris

(Photo by Brittany Mixon)

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Taxonomy (3)

Classification: Angiosperm, monocot
Family: Poaceae
Common name: Muhly Grass 

General Information (1,2,3)

Region of Origin: United States
USDA Plants Hardiness Zones: 5-10 

  • Size: 3 feet tall
  • Deciduous/Evergreen: Semi-evergreen
  • Flowering: Late summer to fall

Diagnostic Characteristics

Leaves (2,3)

  • Arrangement: Alternate
  • Simple/Compound: Simple
  • Shape: Linear
  • Other: 1.5-3 feet

(Photo by Brittany Mixon)

Flower (1,3)

  • Color: Purplish red to pink
  • Size: 18 inches
  • Inflorescence type: Panicle

(Photo by Brittany Mixon)

Fruit (2)

  • Size: <0.5 inch
  • Color: Brown

Horticultural Information (1,3)

  • Light: Full sun to partial shade
  • Maintenance: Easy to care for
  • Landscape Uses: Borders, accents
  • Other: Needs deadheading

Interesting Facts (1)

  • There is a tradition in South Carolina of weaving baskets from this grass


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Prepared by Brittany Mixon as a course requirement for BIOL 3630/5630, Spring 2013
Edited by Jessica Bartek