Pinus palustris

(Photo by Marcel Smith)

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Taxonomy (1)

Classification: Gymnosperm
Family: Pinaceae
Common name: Longleaf pine, Southern yellow pine, Heart pine, Southern pine

General Information (1,2,3)

Region of Origin: United States
USDA Plants Hardiness Zones: 7-10
Growth Habit: Tree

  • Size: 100 feet tall
  • Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen

Diagnostic Characteristics

Leaves (3)

  • Shape: Needle
  • Other: Occur in bundles of three

(Photo by Marcel Smith)


(Photo by Marcel Smith)

Seed cone (1)

  • Size: 5-10 inches long

(Photo by Marcel Smith)

Horticultural Information (1,3)

  • Light: Full sun
  • Soil type: Sandy
  • pH: 6-7

Interesting Facts (1,2)

  • Longleaf pine trees can live for more than 200 years old.
  • Early life stages Longleaf pine trees resemble a clump of grass.
  • Longleaf pine is grown more for its wood and gum than for its use in the landscape.
  • Fire resistant


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Prepared by Marcel Smith as a course requirement for BIOL 3630/5630, Spring 2013
Edited by Jessica Bartek