PAL Session Expectations

PALs here at the ASC are trained to be coaches, not replacements for your professors. They will ask that you do the "workout," and they will suggest ways to make your "workout" more effective, and they will encourage your efforts.  They will explain concepts in different ways, they will use reference books and show you how to use them, and they will share study and learning strategies with you.  They cannot make you learn; that's your responsibility. It's also your responsibility to come to a tutoring session well-prepared.  So, In light of these tutors' training, expect the following:


  • Expect to do most of the talking.
  • Expect to bring your assignments, drafts, homework, and textbooks so you can fully explain to your tutor what you are trying to accomplish or don't understand.
  • Expect the PAL to suggest another time to meet if you are not prepared with the above materials.
  • The PAL will model ways of problem solving and learning by sharing study skills and effective learning strategies. PALs will not do your homework for you.
  • Expect the PAL to be honest about how much s/he can help if you come in right before something is due.
  • Expect to do all of your own work, and understand that ultimately your grade is your responsibility.
  • Expect to come for help in plenty of time to actually improve—not hours before or even the day before a paper is due or an exam is given.
  • Expect to be listened to and respected and encouraged.
  • Expect the PAL to stay on the task at hand.