A student's Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA), sometimes referred to as a student's budget, is an estimate of the total amount of your educational expenses for the period of enrollment during the Award Year and is used to determine your financial aid award.

This information is provided to give you an estimate of the cost to attend VSU and to set a limit on the amount of financial aid you can receive during the academic year (which federal regulations require us to do). This means your actual expenses may be different from what’s listed on your financial aid Offer, and the total amount of your aid—including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study—can’t exceed your total cost of attendance.

Your COA is based on whether or not you are a Georgia resident and your living arrangements while attending VSU. The COA initially assumes full-time enrollment and will be reduced if you enroll less than full-time. The COA includes estimates of tuition and fees, the average cost for books, course materials, supplies, and equipment, housing, food, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses.

Direct costs are those you can expect to pay through your student account at VSU. Indirect costs are costs incurred outside of VSU.

To view your Estimated Cost of Attendance, select the link that most accurately represents your status with VSU.

Dependent Students are those who are required to provide their parent's information on the FAFSA.

Independent Students may be either Undergraduate and Graduate Students.  


Estimated Cost of Attendance - In State Dependent Students

Estimated Cost of Attendance - In State Independent Students

Estimated Cost of Attendance - Out Of State Dependent Students

Estimated Cost of Attendance - Out Of State Independent Students