While it is expected that students with complaints of an academic nature will file such complaints through the normal channels (faculty member, department head, dean, vice president for academic affairs and Provost, president), if, during the course of enrollment in or employment by the institution, a student feels that he or she has been discriminated against or harassed in violation of the University's affirmative action and/or sexual harassment policies, the following action should be taken:

  1. A conference should be immediately scheduled with the Title IX Coordinator, located in the Office of Student Affairs, (229) 333-5463, and the appropriate individual will advise the student of his/her rights with respect to the nature of the complaint.
  2. A determination will be made as to whether the complaint warrants a formal investigation which requires filing an official complaint by the student. A record of the findings will be retained by the Title IX Coordinator in accordance with VSU records retention policy.
  3. In the case of a student employee, the procedure outlined in the regular staff handbook will be followed. The Title IX Coordinator will make this information available to the student.

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