Valdosta State University is a learning environment based on trust and mutual respect in which open dialogue, vigorous debate, and the free exchange of ideas are welcome. The University is equally dedicated to the core values of community, including a commitment to practice civility, integrity, and citizenship. The rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, including the right to free speech, free expression, free exercise of religion, and the right to assemble peaceably are of the utmost importance, and Valdosta State University is committed to protecting those rights.

While Valdosta State Univer­sity will enact policies to promote campus safety, to ensure the proper functioning of the academic environment and other important institutional objectives, these policies will not unduly burden the free expression rights of students, faculty and staff. Any parameters placed on time, place, and manner of expression will not be based on the content of the expression. To better facilitate the free exchange of ideas, Valdosta State University provides the stage on the Palms Quadrangle on main campus, which is located next to the primary student dining facility and several student residence halls, as a public forum. Valdosta State University may designate alternative area(s) to accommodate large crowds or other special requests.

This Public Forum Venue is generally available from 9:00am until 7:00pm, Monday through Friday, provided that the area has not previously been reserved. To avoid conflicts in scheduling, reservation requests for the general Public Forum Venue are made through the Dean of Students Office. A two business day notice is suggested for requesting this space. Areas will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Provisions for use of the area:

  1. There shall be no interference with the free flow of traffic nor the ingress and egress to buildings on campus.
  2. There shall be no interruption of the orderly conduct of University classes or other University activities.
  3. No commercial solicitations, campus sales, or fund-raising activities shall be undertaken that are not sponsored by or authorized by the University.
  4. The person who makes the reservation shall be responsible for seeing that the area is left clean and in good order.

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