August 2002 Creation of the Student Affairs Assessment Committee with Charge from Vice President for Student Affairs
October 2002 Mission Statement developed
January 2003 Two Committee members attend assessment training sponsored by NASPA
February 2003

Start-up Goals (February 2003 - June 2004) Developed
The Comprehensive Model of Assessment adopted

March 2003 Committee members make Assessment Presentation (Assessment in Student Affairs: What's in it for You?) to Student Affairs Departmental Heads
April 2003 Inventory of Student Affairs Assessment Practices begun
August 2003 Results of Inventory of Student Affairs Assessment Practices tabulated and distributed to Department Heads
March 2004 Committee arranged for presentation (Assessment and the Division of Student Affairs, by Dr. Jeanette Barker ) to be made to Student Affairs staff
July 2004 Goals for 2004-2005 developed
September 2004 Formal Comments and Suggestions for Improvements on Student Affairs Assessment Practices given to each Department
January 2004 Committee develops standard format and language for submission of Assessment Plans
March 2005 Development and implementation of the current process of Assessment (Forms and Procedures) to begin year 2005-2006
May 2005 Assessment Website placed online
May 2006 Letter asking Department Heads to finalize 2006-2007 Assessment Plans
July 2006 Goals for 2006-2007 developed
February 2007 Assessment Website renovated
October 2007 Goals for 2007-2008 developed