Virtual parking permits are provided at no charge for VSU retired employees. Please send an email to and provide vehicle(s) tag number, make, model, color and year. You can register up to three vehicles with a virtual permit. Or visit the Office of Parking and Transportation at 1308 Sustella Avenue (behind the Student Recreation Center) to register your vehicle as a retiree. Bring your VSU Retiree ID. If you do not have your VSU Retiree ID, visit 1Card Services in the University Center (Entrance 6). Once you have registered your vehicle(s), please park in your designated parking areas (reserved, staff or unmarked student spaces) and adhere to the parking regulations outlined in the Parking Guide.

Your license plate will now be your virtual permit! Virtual permits increase flexibility for permit holders, are more sustainable by removing waste created by using physical permits, and increase efficiencies in parking management. The recently implemented License Plate Recognition (LPR) system must be able to recognize your vehicle tag number as your virtual permit from the drive lane. So it is critical that all vehicles do not pull through or back into spaces. This will avoid unnecessary citations.