FRIDAY, May 8, 2020

All Masters, Specialists and Doctoral candidates will walk at this time. 

The 2020 Spring Commencement will take place at the VSU PE Complex beginning at 5:00 pm. Every graduate's name will be announced at this time. You will walk across the stage, be hooded, receive your diploma cover, shake the President's hand and have your picture made.

How to put on and wear your hood

Graduate Check-In and Line Up

  • Please arrive at the PE Complex Mezzanine no later than 3:30 pm to check-in and line up. Faculty Marshals will be there to direct you and ensure an efficient lineup process.
  • Do not be late to line up!!  Be there at 3:30 pm with all of your necessary graduation attire (cap, gown, hood, and tassel). Once the processional has left, no graduates will be permitted to join the lines. It is very important you are on time: escort will begin at 4:45 pm.
  • Leave all personal belongings at home; there will be no place to store these items during the ceremony.
  • Please pay attention to the weather for the day of Commencement: plan accordingly.

Processional (walking into the ceremony)

  • Graduates will march in two rows down the center aisle.
  • Keep in line and follow the directions of the Faculty Marshals.
  • File into the seats reserved for Graduates under the direction of the Faculty Marshals.
  • All students will remain standing until the Commencement Ceremony is called to order.

Receiving Your Diploma Cover

  • After the President’s speech, students will be asked to approach the stage; follow directions by the Faculty Marshals.
  • Please proceed up the right side of the stage, entering the stage from the back. 
  • Hand your name card to the reader, and your name will be called.
  • Hand your hood to the presenter faculty member. 
  • Take time to POSE FOR PICTURES when being hooded and when shaking the president's hand.
  • You will exit the stage to the left. 
  • Follow the Faculty Marshals directions to your seat.

Recessional (leaving the ceremony)

  • After the ceremony, the Platform Party will recess off of the stage. We ask graduates to remain seated for a special celebration. Once the ceremony is over, your family and friends can join you on the floor for pictures!