Program Administrator Checklist for Preparing a Youth Program


Youth Protection (Minors on Campus) Program Registration Request Form

Minors on Campus Program Registration Request Form


Youth Protection Background Check Form

Minors On Campus Background Check Form

  • Minors on Campus will not accept any outside vendors for background checks. You must complete the background check process through Accurate Background. 


  • Please allow at least fourteen (14) days for background investigations to be completed.


  • Once the background check invitation email is sent out to an individual, he or she has 10 days to complete the questionnaire and GA release form (Accurate sends reminders on the 1st, 3rd and 7th day to complete the request). The request will be canceled after the 10th day and Minors on Campus will not resubmit the background check until next semester.


Youth Protection (Minors On Campus) Registry Form

Directions for uploading excel files to the Minors on Campus Registry: Save your file as a .CSV rather than a .XLS or .XLSX on your Desktop.  Then you can upload easily.  

Minor Participants

Authorized Adults

Youth Protection Training Request Form

Youth Protection Training Request Form 

Please send the training request for to the Youth Protection Coordinator to be enrolled in The Youth Protection training course. This is a requirement. 


Adult Code of Conduct Form

Adult Code of Conduct

College of Education Code of Conduct 

College of Education Code of Conduct 

Form for Parents

Minors on Campus Participant/Parent Paperwork