The University System of Georgia has issued policy 6.9 Programs Serving Minors in order to provide for the safety and security of children who participate in programs sponsored by and/or held on Valdosta State University property. As Dr. Carvajal shared in the Presidential Forums, all USG institutions are required to implement their guidelines on May 1, 2017 and on Septmeber 19, 2018, VSU adopted the policy for Programs and Activities Serving Minors.

These procedures provide guidelines regarding the requirements for the appropriate supervision of non-student minors who are involved in the following types of programs involving minors:
  • University sponsored programs,
  • University sponsored programs at off-site locations,
  • Programs operated by third parties that are held at the University and/or housed in University facilities, and
  • Institutional Research Board (IRB) research


The Minors on Campus Coordinator will approve and register all programs involving minors on Valdosta State University Campus or Sponsored by Valdosta State University off campus.  All institutional and third party programs serving minors are encouraged to complete the registration request form and requirements as soon as possible to avoid delays or cancellation of their program activities. Valdosta State University requires all youth programs involving minors (under the age 18) be registered annually and no later than thirty (30) days before the program start date. Program Administrators are responsible maintaining records and ensuring all information is current for their listed programs.

1. Request to register a program or camp with Valdosta State University by submitting the Minors on Campus Registration Form.

2. Once the form is submitted, the Minors on Campus coordinator will review the form and notified the Program Administrator of approval and placement of the program on the Minors on Campus Registry. 

3. After being added to the Registry, the Program Administrator will be responsible for collecting and maintaining the documents and records for the program/camp in accordance with USG record retention policy and certifying completion of all training, code of conduct and background checks for authorized adults and authorization packets for minor participants by entering dates of completion on the MOC registry. Certification of authorized adults must be complete thirty (30) days prior to the program start date or the program will not be approved. Certification for minor participants must be complete by the end of the first day of program/camp or the program/camp will be unapproved. For more detailed instructions on the process including training and background checks, see Program Requirements

Authorized Adults

Policy Requirements

Renewal Dates

1. Code of Conduct


2. MOC Training

Every two years

3. Background Check

Every four years

4. Third Parties using Valdosta State Facilities must complete the Minors on Campus Registration Form for approval and present a Facilities Use Agreement/License Agreement thirty (30) days prior to the program/camp start date. The Agreement must contractually agree to comply with Valdosta State's policy requiriments for background checks and training of employees and volunteers, and must demonstrate that they have minimum insurance requirements for approval. For more detailed instructions on the process see Program Requirements

What does "Direct Contact" mean for volunteers/staff?

Direct Contact can be evaluated in a few ways:

•Who has care, custody, or control of the minor(s)? If someone or several people have care, custody, or control of minors they have direct contact.

•Could someone have frequent or sustained interaction with minors? If someone is reasonably anticipated to have sustained or frequent interaction with the minor(s) over a period of time, they could have direct contact and steps should be taken to ensure the protection of minors in those interactions.

•What is the intent of the interaction? If the intent is to build a trusting or mentoring relationship with a minor precaution should be taken to ensure their safety.

University System of Georgia: Frequently Asked Questions about Youth Protection

Youth Protection Coordinator

Mrs. Henrietta Benjamin
Phone: 229-333-5463