Technical Support Services is responsible for the daily maintenance and general troubleshooting of university-owned computing equipment across the campus.  We are here to provide aid to faculty, staff, and students who rely upon the technology for their pursuits, academic and otherwise. Technology can be confusing even to those who use it on a constant basis and when errors occur at the worst possible moment, it can be frustrating. Our job is to minimize the chances of this happening as much as possible. From our Zone Initiative that aims to find and correct issues before they become a problem to our outstanding student technicians, Technical Support is dedicated to providing proactive and professional services to the campus.

Desktop Support

There are two Service Centers on main campus to assist all VSU faculty and staff with their information technology needs. Our goal is to provide prompt, professional hardware and software support to further VSU’s pursuit of academic excellence. The Service Centers provide the highest level of end user support for all VSU faculty and staff, specializing in hardware/software upgrades, repair and troubleshooting, including PC’s, Mac’s, Laptops, Printers and other various technology.  We also provide software installation and assistance for the many different pieces of software used throughout the campus, including but not limited to Office 2010, Internet browsers, Calendar Sync, Spyware/malware detection tools, and antivirus. The Service Centers encourage student employment. Students are given hands-on specialized training to provide clients with professional onsite hardware and software support. If you are a student interested in working in either of the service centers, please see Sherri Girard in the Academic Support Center in Langdale Hall to fill out an application.

Classroom Support

Classroom Support is responsible for the maintenance of classrooms and computer labs across campus. All of our computer labs are equipped to support your technology needs here at VSU. We also provide more than 30 open labs that are accessible to all VSU students based on building hours or designated hours identified by an academic department. Some of the technology maintained by Classroom Support include:

  • Projectors
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • SMART Boards
  • Approved software in labs and classrooms
  • Speakers and microphones

We also work closely with Event Services for events that may need equipment such as laptops, sound systems, and general assistance by having a technician on site.  Some of our major events on campus are Commencement, Orientation, and Convocation.  And recently we have taken on responsibility for telepresence technology which includes lecture capture and teleconferencing.  Along with that we have also begun supporting the digital signage that can be found in areas such as Odum Library, Student Union, and Bailey Science Building.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control provides assessment and asset management of all new and existing technological hardware and software equipment received via the Information Technology Department.  Customized and third-party hardware and software can be provided by Inventory Control for all VSU faculty, staff, and student equipment.  The following services below are provided by Inventory Control Management.  Please contact our department via helpdesk at 229-245-4357 if you have any other inquiries concerning hardware and software installation or consultation.

  • Software licensing and management

  • Computer Imaging (Mac and PC Operating System)

  • iPad and Android Device Configuration

  • Software Installation (Faculty, Staff, Labs, and Classrooms)

  • Consultation and Recommendation for Hardware and Software equipment

  • Outprocessing of VSU equipment

  • Surplusing and Recycling of VSU Equipment