Articles & Presentations

 VSU Student Success (Data Analytics):
  • Improving Student Success with Analytics was presented at the Educause Annual Conference held in Orlando, FL in October 2014.  Andy Clark and Brian Haugabrook discussed implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence used to identify and provide support for at-risk students.  The presentation included a concurrent session with representatives from State University of New York at Oswega and can be found in its entirety at Educause Annual Conference 2014.
Computerworld Articles Written by CIO Brian Haugabrook:
  • In the article, Leading IT in Higher Education, Brian candidly discusses his personal challenges on the journey to becoming a chief information officer in higher education technology (June 2015).

  • In his recently published article, Managing students' experience of college IT, Brian discusses how VSU IT is developing a Student Experience Management (SEM) Plan that will focus on providing VSU students the best service possible throughout their school lifecycle (May 2015).

Technical Support Services (TSS):
  • TSS Supports STEAM Center:VSU helps STEAM, a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics program, thrive through the use of Kramer systems. VSU and local public school systems now have the opportunity to use their own varied devices through a wireless presentation interface in our state-of-the-art Center. Adrian Taylor, IT Classroom/Event Support Manager, played a key role in getting the Kramer units up and running, and the system has been a big success at events like Science Saturday. Read Full Article.

  • TRU Presentation
    • Learn the history of TLC and how it has transitioned to the concept of the Technical Response Unit (TRU). It also describes how IT utilizes preemptive resources to expedite service request response times within a 15-minute window.  Additionally, the current success of the use of broadband radios and the improved communication within the department is described.
    • Sterlin Sanders, TSS assistant director, and Benjamin Li, Tier 1 Services Coordinator, presented TRU at:
  • Solutions Center Presentation Discover the history and strategies behind the evolution of the IT Helpdesk from an initially reactive and labor-intensive support center to an efficient customer and business-centric support center closely aligned with VSU goals and objectives. This presentation provides a list of the tools utilized to reach this level with a heavy focus on the concept of knowledge management.