Central Stores 

The Central Warehouse Stores Department of Business Services is established for the purpose of stocking copy paper and Covid 19-supplies which are used by departments throughout the University.


Central Warehouse Delivery Personnel provide delivery service daily. Delivery services for the Central Warehouse Stores is designed to provide departments a quick, efficient, and economical means of obtaining small quantities of stocked items. All requests will be considered routine and processed in a routine manner. Departments with immediate needs may send a representative to the Central Warehouse with a signed request to pick up needed items. If a request is presented in this manner, at the Central Warehouse offices, with a signature of authorization, the requested items will be given to the individual. Central Warehouse personnel will not verify the authority of an individual to receive items for a department. Central Warehouse Stores procedure allows an individual located in the requesting department to sign for receipt of items unless instructed differently on the request form. Delivery personnel cannot be responsible for verifying the authority of an individual in a department to sign for receiving items. It will be accepted, if an individual is in the department and says they can sign for items. It is the responsibility of that department to control the situation.

All items issued from Central Stores will be delivered by the Central Warehouse Delivery personnel to the building and room indicated on the request. Individual orders will not be delivered to more than one location. Items will not be unpacked by the delivery person.


The completed request showing a department receipt signature will be used to determine charges to departments. Charges will be prepared around the 20th of each month. During charge out working days the Central Warehouse Stores will be Closed. If an item is needed during this time contact the Central Warehouse Manager (5958).

Shortages and Damaged Items

Replacement or credit will be issued for defective, missing, wrong or incomplete issued items when the requesting department notifies the Central Warehouse Storekeeper (5958) within (1) working day after receipt. The Central Stores Request Form number, VSU stock number, and quantity requested must be provided. Replacement of goods will be on the next delivery after notification is received. It is incumbent upon the person receiving the supplies to thoroughly check all items within 24 hours after receipt.

Defective Goods

Items that are found to be defective, problems not obvious at the initial inspection, within three months after receipt by the department will be credited to the department. To receive credit for the items, the department should send an e-mail to the Central Warehouse Manager with the request number, stock number, quantity, and identifying the problem. Defective items will be picked up during the next day delivery (when possible). Credit or Replacement of defective items may be issued if defective items aren't beyond 3 months from issued date and it is still the same fiscal year items were issued.

Returned Items

In most instances the department may return items to Central Stores for credit. The department should e-mail the Central Warehouse Manager with the request number that was used to order the item, the VSU Number for the item, the quantity to be returned, and a brief description of the item. The only limitations are:

  • The items to be returned can not be from a request that was delivered during the prior fiscal year.

  • The items must be in the original, undamaged and unused packaging.

  • Items should be returned within three months after the original request was delivered. This will allow the items to be resold before they become obsolete due to age.

The items will be picked up by the delivery personnel during the next delivery (when possible). Credit will be issued in the same manner used to charge the items.