VSU has begun placing new 4 cubic yard and 6 cubic yard brown refuse carts around the campus.  They are part of a new centralized waste compaction system that will improve the efficiency of our waste removal operations and enable Physical Plant personnel to maintain a more attractive campus, while also being more responsive to changing demands.

Instead of utilizing dumpsters and roll-off containers rented from the City of Valdosta, this fleet of carts will replace the rentals over the next couple of weeks.  Currently, they are replacing those locations servicing academic buildings, but will eventually replace those servicing residence halls.  They are not recycling units.  Recycling will continue to be collected at the recycling centers and throughout buildings.  They are intended for collection of University generated waste; not waste from private residences (don’t bring your home trash).

The current locations may not end up being permanent locations.  It is anticipated that adjustments will be made.  Part of a site selection is ease and safety of servicing the carts.  They are towed by a vehicle and maneuvering them can present certain challenges.  An additional consideration is the aesthetic appearance for the campus.  Every effort will be made to have them blend with the surroundings.