The process to submit time, approve time, and request absences are below to help you through each of the changes!  Any questions please call (229) 333-5710 or email  All material and video rights granted by UGA.

                   All Faculty & Staff 

Topic Change Video
Full Employee Presentation See all system changes affecting faculty and staff in a single video. Link
Requesting Leave

Requesting leave is now done via the

Request Absence tile.

Viewing Your Absence Requests

Viewing request history is now done via the

View Absence Request tile.

Viewing Your Leave Balance Absence Balances tile now leads to current leave view. Link
Canceling Your Leave Request Use the Cancel Request tile to cancel or start editing a request. Link
Editing a Previously Submitted/Approved Leave Request Use the View Absence Request tile to edit a previously canceled request. Link
Requesting an Extended Leave Event

Now a guided three step process from

Extended Absence Request tile.

Understanding the Weekly Timesheet Only shows reported time now and does not allow toggle between punch and elapsed timesheets. Link
Payable Time Summary No longer on the timesheet. Use the Payable Time tile to view. Link
Entering Time via Web Clock Use the Report Time tile, which shows last action taken. Link
Entering Time via Pay from Schedule

Only for Elapsed Timesheet employees,

now done on the Weekly Timesheet - Fluid tile.

Entering Time via Manual Time Entry Use the Weekly Timesheet tile to enter time, NOT the Fluid tile. Link
Navigating Through Multiple Jobs Check the department information and click Apply button to enter for the correct job. Link
Time Entry Exceptions Contact your manager to resolve High Exceptions. Link