The mission is aligned with the overall VSU mission of creating an inclusive work and learning environment where the institution values all employees and students and provides the best services to students and communities through a managed diversity change process which facilitates the following:

  • An inclusive environment and culture
  • Diversity at all levels
  • The best services for our students
  • Individual responsibility for change, growth, and excellence

Goals of the Committee

  • Completion of the survey
  • Diversity Plan adopted to VSU
  • To have a Diversity Center on campus

Meeting Minutes 

Committee Members

Lavonna Lovern: Philosophy & Religious Studies
Andrea Ramirez: Womens & Gender Studies
Selenseia Holmes: Office of Social Equity
Yvonne LeRoy-Landers: Finance & Administration
Elsie Crane:  Retiree of VSU Housing
Carla Jordan:Career Opportunities

Diversity Plan

We are proud to announce the proposed VSU Strategic Diversity Plan for 2015-2020. Check it out here