Who participated?
All employees (faculty and staff) and all students.

Is the online survey secure?
Yes, the online survey was administered by the National Multicultural Institute on their website and the data was maintained on their servers. NO raw data and no identifying information will ever be returned to VSU, so your responses will remain anonymous.

Will people be able to identify me by my answers (I’m the only young Catholic male in my office)?
No, no identifying information will ever be shared by the research consultants with anyone at VSU. Your answers will be grouped into categories with other participants from across campus and your identity will remain anonymous.

When we will we get results from the survey?
The Diversity Council will receive results and recommendations in the Spring semester and will share this information with campus in several different ways (presentations at meetings, paper summary reports, etc).

How will this data be used?
The analysis provided by the National Multicultural Institute will provide baseline data for diversity issues on our campus. The Diversity Council will use this to create new programs and educational opportunities for campus. The Planning Office will use the data in fulfillment of our university-wide strategic planning goal on Diversity.