Risk Management

The mission of the Risk Management office is to support the VSU and Procurement missions and goals in a timely and professional manner by minimizing the adverse effects of loss due to accidents or unexpected events that jeopardize the well being of the university community and the realization of its institutional objectives. This is accomplished by being a resource to the university in the areas of general risk management, claims management, and risk transference though obtaining adequate insurance coverage.

Risk management is the acceptance of responsibility for recognizing, identifying, and controlling the exposures to loss or injury which are created by the activities of the University. There are four methods for treating risk:

  • Avoidance - A risk may be avoided by not accepting or entering into the event which has hazards. This method has severe limitations because such a choice is not always possible, or if possible, it may require giving up some important advantages. Nevertheless, in some situations risk avoidance is both possible and desirable.
  • Reduction - Risks can be reduced by implementation of standard operating procedures, education and training, limiting the numbers or types of participants, establishing security methodologies, preventive maintenance, etc.
  • Transfer - Risks can be transferred to other parties through purchase of insurance. Purchasing insurance should always be the last option for risk reduction.
  • Retention, Assumption or Acceptance - Insurance deductibles are an example of retained risks. Some situations or activities are uninsurable and non-transferable, or the cost of insurance is prohibitive. Risks associated with these situations/activities are assumed by the University as part of the cost of doing business.

A successful Risk Management program requires close coordination with, and cooperation from the total University community for identification of potential risks and prompt notification of claims for losses sustained. 

Student Health Insurance Enrollment

Student health insurance enrollment is available online to all students at Valdosta State University. The designated provider for health insurance is UnitedHealth Care. Questions regarding student health insurance should be directed to procurement@valdosta.edu.    If you have any questions or concerns, please email Kevin Boyd or call (229) 333-2160

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have coverage while operating my personal vehicle on Valdosta State business?

    If you are performing your official state duties at the time of the accident, then liability (bodily injury and/or property damage to others) coverage is provided to you per the State Tort Claims Policy (TCP- 401-14-17).

  • If my personal vehicle sustains damage while using it on Valdosta State business, will any kind of state insurance respond?

    No. The Automobile Physical Damage Agreement (APD- 401-14-17) only provides coverage for damage to state owned vehicles. You should check with your insurance agent to verify whether or not your personal automobile insurance policy will cover any damage to your own vehicle while using it on Valdosta State business.

  • Is it acceptable for any individual to drive a state vehicle??

    No.  State vehicles should be driven by state employees only.

  • Do I have coverage while operating a rental vehicle on Valdosta State business?

    If you are performing your official state duties at the time of the accident, then liability (bodily injury and/or property damage to others) coverage is provided to you per the State Tort Claims Policy (TCP- 401-14-17).

  • Does Valdosta State provide coverage for damage to a rental vehicle?

    No, however, if you are renting a vehicle for travel through one of the in-state, statewide contracts with either Hertz or Enterprise, or the inter-state statewide contract with Hertz, the Loss Damage Waiver is automatically included in the contract rental vehicle rate

  • Are non-state employees allowed to be passengers in state vehicles??

    VSU vehicles are not authorized to be used to transport passengers who are not state employees unless on state business.  This applies to VSU vehicles, fleet vehicles, and vehicles leased or rented in the institution’s name.

  • Is Medical Payments coverage provided to passengers injured in a vehicle operated by Valdosta State?

    No. The injured passenger(s) will need to file claim under their own health insurance policy and/or seek payment from the at-fault party.

  • Is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage provided to a Valdosta State employee?

    No, however, if the Valdosta State employee was injured while performing official state duties, workers’ compensation coverage would be available to respond to the employee’s injuries

  • Is personal property covered while on campus?

    No, the State Owned Building and Personal Property Agreement (PROP-401-14-2-17) only covers buildings and personal property (i.e. contents) owned by the State of Georgia (BOR/Valdosta State).