VSU Walking Trail System

About the VSU Walking Trail System:

The VSU Walking Trail System is a joint collaboration between Campus Wellness, USG, and the Biology Department. There are two video tours as part of the trail that focus on historical plants and the Whitehead Camellia trail.  The scenic route offers current and historical facts about various buildings and artworks at VSU.  The fitness route maps a 1.35-mile path around the campus.  Our goal is to engage the VSU community by providing opportunities to learn about the campus. VSU is rich with history, art, and beautiful scenery. Walk through our campus and tour the many different things that we have to offer.   

Scenic Route:

The scenic route lets you explore some of the most recognizable landmarks around the VSU Campus.  Simply click the QR-Code on each sign to see fun facts and photos about each stop.  See the numbered map below outlining all 14 stops on the scenic route.  Enjoy a relaxing stroll through our beautiful campus while learning about our history.  

Whitehead Camellia Trail Tour:

Located in the northwest corner of the Valdosta State University main campus, this paved trail winds 1400-feet (926 m) through a towering stand of longleaf pines. The trail was established in the 1940's and 50's by Mrs. Jewel Whitehead, a friend, and neighbor to campus. Mrs. Whitehead planted over 400 camellias along the trail, including some of the most prized varieties of her time, such as Alba Plena, Elegans, Pink Perfection, and Ville de Nantes. This trail is a stop on Georgia's Camellia Trail. 

Fitness Route:

Throw on your running shoes and let’s get moving!  This path follows the sidewalk trail that traverses main campus. The digital map below shows where the route begins and ends in red. There are quarter-mile markers along the path so you know how far you’ve gone.  Follow this route as many times as desired to reach your personal fitness goals. One trip around the VSU Fitness Route will be 1.35 miles in total.

Mile 0 - Trolley Stop

Mile 0.25 - before reaching the exit from the Fine Arts parking lot

Mile 0.5 - after reaching the Student Union

Mile 0.75 - after passing the parking lot by the Whitehead Camellia Trail

Mile 1 - before reaching Powell Hall on your right

Mile 1.25 - after passing the West Hall fountain entrance way

Mile 1.35 - Completion by reaching the Trolley Stop

Digital Map: