Budget Services 

Establishes and maintains Valdosta State University’s budget within the policies of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.  Please find the Valdosta State University Budget Process as approved by the Budget Advisory Council below.

Valdosta State University Budget Process

The university's fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th. The budget process starts in the Fall when the university system submits its budget to the Legislative Budget Office. Revenue estimates and fee proposals are due for the Board's consideration in December. The Board of Regents holds budget hearings with institutions in January or February. In April, the Board of Regents allocates state tax and lottery funds based on the needs and missions of each institution, as presented at the hearings. Final budget proposals are usually due in May. Once the original budget is approved, the amendment process begins.  The Budget Advisory Council is charged to ensure the strategic allocation of resources in conjunction with Valdosta State University’s goals.  These meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

Budget Data 

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Guidelines

  • 4/30/23:  Departmental Spending Complete:  Budget Services will prepare estimates for GA and student payroll, phone, fuel and postage - - - do not submit anything to “reserve” these funds.  However, departments should spend or encumber any remaining departmental funds via:
    • Submitting eProcurement requisition ---OR---
    • Should travel be deemed necessary and approved - submit Requests for Authority to Travel for May and June, even for employees with Standing Authorization. 
  • 5/1/23: E&G Funds Redistribution:  Budget Services will calculate funds available for redistribution based on the budget, encumbrances, expenditures and Requests for Authority to Travel recorded/received as of 4/30/23, as well as estimates prepared by Budget Services.
  • 5/1/23:  June Processing Deadlines Published: (writing checks, ordering central stores, submitting expense reports for prior authorized travel, etc.)

 Please share dates with all employees, especially employees who are approved to travel before June 30th.