Student Scholarships 

Increased scholarship opportunities create possibilities for students to gain a quality education and play a critical role in the success of VSU. At Valdosta State, a trend found within our retention is that most students who choose to leave VSU, do so because of financial reasons. Whether HOPE does not cover all of the tuition and boarding costs, a student needs more time to pay tuition, or a scholarship expires at the four-year mark despite the need for funding a fifth year, Valdosta State University places the student and their needs first. Due to the generosity of our donors, VSU has been able to award over $1,000,000 dollars in scholarships to students. The support that has come from our alumni and friends for student scholarships has been transformative and will continue to place Valdosta State University as a leader in Higher Education. In an effort to continue this life-changing gift to our students, VSU strives to continuously offer our students the chance at an education without the hefty price tag. There are numerous ways to get involved in giving to student scholarships. If you are interested in giving to student scholarships, Give Now!

If you have any questions on student scholarships or want more information on how to give, you can contact the Office of University Advancement at 229-333-5939 or email 

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“GAP Scholarships shift the focus of impacted students from the temporary problem to a dreamed of solution and I see the impact of a changed life with every joyful tear and grateful hug.”

Blazer Athletic Scholarships

At Valdosta State University, we love our Blazer athletes. Our student-athletes participate in collegiate sports while also pursuing a high-level education. This is a full-time job and many of our Blazer athletes find themselves in need of scholarship support in order to finish their education. The Blazer Athletic Scholarship Fund has been created in order to give our athletes the support they deserve. This scholarship will allow student-athletes to receive financial assistance while they are at Valdosta State University finishing their education. It is a life-changing scholarship that has the potential to impact countless student-athletes in the years to come. If you are interested in giving to the Blazer Athletic Scholarship Fund click here. If you want more information on how to give or the different areas of athletic support please contact our Associate Director for Athletic Development, Matt Malone at

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Performing Arts Center

VSU takes pride in the fine arts. With programs like the Peach State Summer Theater and the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra centered at the university, it is difficult to not notice how superb our program is. Our students who study fine arts receive a first-class education and graduate with hands-on experience. This is why we are ecstatic to announce the beginning stages of the Valdosta State University Performing Arts Center. The performing arts center will be housed in what was previously known as the Ashley Cinema Theater located just minutes away from North Campus. The theater will be completely renovated and equipped with state of the art production equipment. With the help of the Georgia State of Regents and private donations, VSU aims to raise three million dollars in order to complete this project. If you are interested in giving to this project click Give Now! If you have additional questions on how the project or how to give, please call the Office of University Advancement at 229-333-5939 or email

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