Our Services

  1. Read eligibility requirements below then call co-op office to make an appointment to talk about internships available in your major.

  2. Register for College Central Network (CCN) to view internships and co-op positions. Click here for directions on registering for CCN. An appointment with the co-op office is needed to before you will be able to apply for jobs listed.

  3. Click here to view questions to CCN video clips. Watch the videos (instructions to access videos at top of questionnaire), answer questions then email to Co-op Office atstone@valdosta.edu or ccjordan@valdosta.edu

  4. International students click here for additional information on eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Intend to graduate from VSU or who participate in a recognized transfer program
  • Obtain Sophomore status (completed 30 hours) before being placed in a Co-op position
  • Maintain a minimum semester and cumulative GPA of 2.0 (Academic "Good Standing")

Rregistration and Communication

  • Register for Co-op and complete a resume. Call the Co-op office for more details on registration.
  • Update registration and resume as needed.
  • Communicate information regarding job search or job placement to Co-op Coordinator.
  • Check VSU email account a minimum of two times per week for information regarding Co-op.

Co-op Work Options

  • Alternating Co-op: Students work full-time, alternating semesters. A minimum of two work semesters is required.
  • Parallel Co-ops: Students work 10-20 hours per week while attending VSU a minimum of half-time each semester. A minimum of four work semesters is required.
  • Part-time Internship: Students work 10-20 hours per week while attending VSU a minimum of half-time. Can repeat up to two semesters.
  • Full-Time Internship: Students work full-time, up to two semesters.

**Once placed in a Co-op position, any changes in work schedule, employer, or other matters effecting the status of a Co-op position must be approved in writing by your Co-op Coordinator or Assistant Director.