Degree Works: Academic Planning Tool

  • What is Degree Works

    Ellucian Degree WorksTM  (DW) is a comprehensive online academic planning tool designed to help students and their advisors know what courses and requirements are needed to graduate in a timely and productive manner.  Some key features of Degree Works include the following:
    • Degree audits and tracking – help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion
    • Student planning tools – map out students’ academic journey to keep them on track for on-time graduation
    • What-if analyses – help students understand how courses and majors affect degree timelines
    • Advising notes and GPA calculators – enable real-time counseling capabilities between the advisor and the student
    • Transfer articulation – provides incoming students clarity on whether their courses will transfer
    • Web-based exception processing and waivers – streamline internal processes and help students and advisors understand a student’s current status faster

    Degree Works 5.03, our most current version, include noticeable changes: a new user interface, a more responsive mobile environment, functional enhancements, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliancy.

  • How to Access Degree Works

    Log in to MyVSU and select Degree Works from the Portal List.
    If not visible, select Degree Works from the View All menu.

    NOTE: You must access Degree Works within 30 minutes of logging in to MyVSU as a measure to secure your academic information.


  • How to Read Your Audit


    The Degree Audit (Worksheet) allows you to monitor your progress and lets you know what courses and requirements you need for degree completion based on your past, current and planned coursework.

    Academic > STUDENT VIEW: This is the default Audit format. It provides blocks of information about your degree, credit progress, and your coursework. Using symbols and color codes, it displays which requirements you have completed and what courses you have not completed.

    Academic > REGISTRATION CHECKLIST: This format shows only the coursework you have left to complete. You can reference it when registering for classes.

    To switch between views: From the dropdown, select the view you want and then click the Process button. You can also select to view your In-Progress Classes and your Preregistered Classes.

    Audit Legend:

  • How to use the What-If Tool


    Using your current academic history, the What-If feature allows you to create a temporary, speculative Audit that lists what requirements would be needed if you were to change your major.

    Click the What-If link on the left-side of the screen and select a combination of options


  • How to use the GPA Calculator Tool

    GPA Calculator Tool

    The GPA Calculator tool allows you to estimate what your overall grade point average (GPA) would be based on criteria you specify. There are three types of calculators: Graduation, Term, and Advice.

    Click the More icon (3 vertical dots) located in the upper-right section of the screen > Select GPA Calculator

  • How-to Guides (.pdf)

  • Need More Help?

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