The VSU offers instruction in a variety of ways

· Orientations to participate in our Volunteer (Extra Credit) Program

· Introductions to general Archives & Special Collections Research

· Classes that focus on a particular collection or collections, such as the Babylon Clay Tablets or Civil Rights collections

· Classes of Library Instruction that include books, journals, and primary sources

· Classes on VSU history, or VSU history in combination with Archives research

· A class project centered around archival sources—may last for as many days as needed

· Work Projects that can last from a few days or a month, where students work on processing small collections or on indexing large collections. The month long class project counts as EL-1 in the experiential learning standards

· Internships that last 150 hours for a variety of departments, doing work from digitization to indexing to processing. This counts as EL-3 in the experiential learning standards

We can teach classes in the archives, in library computer labs, in your classroom, whatever is most convenient for you. If you would like for us to teach with your class, contact us with an email to or call us at 229-259-7756.